Meet The Team


Principal Dentist


Allow us to introduce you to Dr. Sonal Chopra, a dynamic and compassionate dentist now seeing our patients at The Bays Dental!

Dr. Chopra’s interests include all areas of general dentistry, especially restorative dental procedures, root canal therapy, surgical tooth removal and cosmetic dental treatments.

Since obtaining her Doctorate in Dentistry in 2009, she has been making waves in the dental industry in Queensland. Recently, Dr. Chopra and her family relocated to Melbourne.

We are delighted to have her join our team of esteemed dental professionals.


Senior Dental Assistant

Meet Fiona our Senior Dental Assistant. Fiona has been in the dental industry for 25 years and comes to us with a wealth of dental knowledge. 

She looks after each of our patients from the minute they sit in the dental chair to helping book their next appointment. And everything in between! 

If you have a question about your dental treatment, or are confused with any of the dental procedures, talk to Fiona. She will happily guide you through every step of the way.  


Principal Dental Prosthetist

Meet Josh! He is one of the directors of The Bays Dental but most importantly our in house Dental Prosthetist! 

Josh has always had dentistry in his life, following in the footsteps of his brilliant Dental Prosthetist father Anthony Larson.  From a very early age, Josh had a keen interest in dentistry and wanting to help his patients achieve their best smile and regain their missing teeth.  

Dental Prosthetics is a specialised area of dentistry where we get to work directly with our patients, but also spend a great deal of time doing the technical work behind the scenes. Josh’s eye for detail, his personal need to provide quality crown and veneer’s and his drive to deliver the perfect set of dentures is exceptional. 

In his spare time, Josh enjoys spending time with his family, going for bike rides along the beach and camping.

MTT-Joshua Larson


Dental Prosthetist/Advanced Dental Technician

Meet Anthony! He is our Principal Dental Prosthetist and Director of The Bays Dental. 
Anthony has been a Dental Prothetist for many years. Over those years he has created a wonderful dental clinic and laboratory that makes you feel at home as soon as you walk through the door. 

Anthony is known as one of the best dental prosthetists in the industry. He personally oversees every patient case that comes through our doors. His high standards of quality coupled with his gentle, caring nature ensure you are in the best hands. 


In his downtime, Anthony loves nothing more than spending time tending to his garden, being outdoors or with his family.

Rebecca Larson

Dental Prosthetist

Rebecca is another of our wonderful team of Dental Prosthetists and technicians!

Bec is our laboratory manager and head technician. Bec handles everything that goes on behind the scenes and keeps our laboratory running seemlessly. 

Bec is a masterful ceramist and spends much of her day creating the crowns and veneers to their perfect shades so when we insert them they match perfectly to your natural teeth. 

When a denture is broken, or chipped, Bec is the person who will save the day and have it repaired for you within 8 hours! 

In her spare time, Bec is a mum of three boys. She loves going to the park, watching the footy or going on bike rides with her little men!

MTT- Bec Larson
MTT- Leonie Van Ryn


Dental Practice Manager/Assistant

Meet Leonie! Leonie is our Manager and Dentist Assistant! 

She will be sure to greet you with a smile and warm hello when you visit The Bays Dental! Leonie has worked in the dental industry for the last 22 years! Having run her own dental practice for over half of that time. Her extensive knowledge of dentistry allows her to explain in detail all of your dental treatments and options after the dentist has seen you

In her downtime, Leonie enjoys hanging out with her young son, reading her favourite books and trying new restaurants.